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Review policy & Contact details

Contact details and Reviewing in 2014

You won't find my email address here because my freelance commitments mean I'm unable to review self-published/indie books this year. I do apologise, but I have to prioritise my obligations to other publishers, authors and my freelance work - all of whom already know how to reach me. 


Review Promise 

Having said all that, I'm willing to read pretty much anything and step outside my genre comfort-zone.

All reviews will be posted on ALPHA reader, Amazon and Goodreads. And if I really love your book, I might give it some Tumblr and Twitter love too. If you are a publicist, please rest assured that I am fastidious about emailing links to my reviews.

Print and e-books are accepted.

Preferred Genres

Romance (paranormal/historical/contemporary), YA, Urban Fantasy, Murder Mystery, Cozy Mystery and Crime Thriller. I have also developed a new fascination for graphic novels (particularly those that are adapted from book series). 


Melbourne, Australia